Writing Article Reviews

What Are Article Reviews?

Typically, article reviews entail reading a given assigned article, most probably in a journal and conducting a guided assessment about it. The common focus of article reviews is to provide unbiased criticism especially on real mistakes and strengths which form strong points of the assessment. In most cases, information contained in an article review comprises of a detailed summary of the source article which we at The Grade Miners are very excellent in creating. A detailed summary must contain the most important components and findings published in the article, and offer opinions on the reviewer’s feelings about the quality of the study. Usually, an instructor or professor will allocate a student a specific type of article based on which the article review will be done. Such an article must be aligned with coursework. In some cases, the instructor may give guidelines on how to conduct given article reviews. The student will then forward the article to The Grade Miners to do a professional article review. The first step upon receiving an article review order will involve defining its structure and organization of ideas.

Initial Steps to Writing an Article Review

Preliminary steps towards writing article reviews include reading entire source articles to create mental pictures of what they are all about. Secondly, the reviewer will obtain insights into the need for the specific article review assignment. It is essential that the assigned article be read severally to gain a deep understanding of what your instructor or professor expects from you in the article review. As the reading occurs, statements that form the basis of creating arguments within article reviews will be picked and their significance in providing rational arguments internalized.

Introducing Your Article Review

As a group of professional writers, The Grade Miners can offer great help in creating perfect article reviews. Based on the selected article, an introduction detailing background information of the source article will be made. It will include the journal and the site or publication section where it can be found in its original form. Besides, the introduction will include the volume and date when the article was issued. The author’s names, the title of the study, and the conclusion given by the authors or scholars are also noted down within article reviews. Moreover, a comparative assessment between the main idea presented by the author and its relationship with those of other authors is done. The introductory part of the article review is then winded up with the research findings brought out by the publisher. Unless the article under review is long, the introductory section should be limited to a few paragraphs.

The Body

After the introductory segment, article reviews focus on the main paragraphs that detail main augments. It is the hardest part of many article reviews and writers at The Grade Miners are well trained to ensure that your work is done using the highest skills. When evaluating the approaches used in an article, a reviewer will seek to explain how appropriately they were applied in achieving a given goal. Besides, the extent of correctness to which specific methodologies were applied is weighed. When detailing such appropriateness, the reviewer will be guided by subjective reasoning on the source article. Secondly, the hypothesis that was employed in the study is then analyzed with a specific focus on how it helps in meeting the study objectives. The next step in an article review will focus on weighing the relevance of the conclusion reached upon by the authors. No matter the kind of perceptions that may formulate in the mind of the reviewer, when deciding on the correctness of a conclusion, all article reviews must entirely base their verdicts on facts, approaches, and logic that is presented in the source article.  Any mistakes pointed out from the article must be followed by evidence to substantiate them. Article reviews also allow the reviewer to provide example-based evidence for any observations on how mistakes can be mended, or how they can be dealt with permanently. The main body of an article review should be a couple of paragraphs, with lengths depending on the length of the article under review.

Concluding Your Article Reviews

All article reviews are finally concluded by a summative overview of source articles, more specifically the methodologies followed by the publishers of the article and conclusions made. Article reviewers are expected to round up all points discussed in source articles and give opinions on how they think they help in enhancing knowledge in the given field. Moreover, article reviews may detail the reviewer’s opinion on how the authors have showcased their points and what may be done in future concerning the same topic to enhance further understanding.  For any article review, its length is determined by the length of the article guiding the assessment. Longer articles have more content and points to fill an article review, and the inverse is true. Even so, article reviews are required to be concluded in several paragraphs.

Organizing Your Article Review

The format to be used by The Grade Miners in organizing your article review will be based on the requirements of your instructor or professor. Otherwise, the general American Psychological Association (APA) format will be used for any article review. The combination of the complexity of writing an article review and that associated with applying the APA format style requires exemplary skills and knowledge that our writers at The Grade Miners possess, hence assuring you of quality work. Conforming, to the APA format in an article review customarily entails the title page, the length of the title, page headers, page numbers, margins, fonts sizes, in-text citations and finally references.