Admission Essay

What is an admission essay?

Imagine this; you are sited in a room jammed with fellow admission officials and college faculty members. Large stacks of files rest on a table surrounding you. You look at the many folders staring blankly at you in disbelief. “Don’t these files get fewer after all these months?” you ask yourself. You rub your eyes a bit to dismiss your fears. The past couple of months have not been easy; you had to wade through a similar heap. A cup of coffee each morning has kept you going.

Getting started

You begin to think about the admission essays you have read so far in a bid to acquire some energy.  After some thought, you realize that that was a bad move. Most of the essays were just ordinary. A good number were dull and non-engaging. Still, others were blatantly bad. For the first time, you begin to tell yourself, “I would do much better with a little bit more lighting in this room and perhaps another cup of robustly flavored strong coffee.”

Your thoughts are becoming inundating and you know that is no relief. You shake your head and open the first file, after all, it is your work. A little flicker of hope keeps you going. Somewhere in between lies an enchanting piece.

With this in mind, we are sure that you now understand the predicament of the admission professionals. Your responsibility is to impress them. You want the admission professionals to be so much enthralled by your admission essay that they feel that they would love to meet you. The Grade Miners understands that coming up with a compelling admission essay is no joke. Use the following tips to get started:

Engage your reader from the start of your admission essay

Admission professionals have thousands and thousands of admission essays to go through. You cannot afford to bore them. Your admission essays should be catchy right from the beginning. An excellent way of ensuring that you dazzle the admission officers is by starting with an anecdote. Let your personality and character reveal themselves in your discussion.  Talk about how that significant moment has shaped your present and how it will shape your future.

Think about what charms you and write about it

Writing about what does not interest you is like trying to eat your worst meal. The thought of it is already traumatizing. How will you be able to finish if you are already depressed before you even begin? If something does not interest you, you can be sure that it will not interest the reader as well.

Give your admission essays a personal touch

The admission professionals want to learn more about you. The primary objective of admission essays is to reveal who you are as a person. Therefore, describe whatever subject that you choose adequately.

Employ conflict in your admission essay

Exploring clashing thoughts makes you appear creative.

Do not crow about your triumphs

Instead, highlight your struggles or moments of failures. Failure might sound like a bad thing, but it is the gem of your admission essay. Talking about the lessons, you have learned from your failures and openly discussing your most desperate moments is a sure way of impressing the enervated admission officials. Remember sitting in that gloomily lit room during winter is not fun. Use your admission essay to energize thrust them back into their energetic state.

Think about what colleges want

Ultimately, colleges want to be associated with successful individuals. They want to choose students who are going to finish their course, step into the world, and remain successful. It is therefore imperative for you to use your admission essay to show that you are zealous about learning and are passionate about different activities and initiatives. Also, demonstrate that you are a critical thinker who evaluates and analyzes situations objectively. Colleges are eager to admit people who are vibrant intellectuality; people who want to learn continually and are always asking questions. They want you to demonstrate that you can start something and progress swiftly and zealously.

Do not try to impress the admission board so hard

Focusing so much on creating an impression makes you lose your creativity. Instead of dwelling on your triumphs, talk about your day to day subjects as they make your admission essays more interesting. Overusing advanced vocabulary is another symptom of trying too hard to impress the admission professionals. Ensuring that you demonstrate that you are smart and have a sense of self-awareness and perception is all that is needed for your admission essays. Leave the complicated vocabulary for the poets and wordsmiths.

Avoid sophisticated writing

Instead of using the thesaurus when writing your admission essays, use your own words to describe your experiences and your personality. It is not about sophistication but how well you demonstrate self- awareness. Talk about what is most important to you, not any other person, just you. The best way to go about it is to think what you would say if you were given a brief opportunity to talk to the admission officers in person. Admission professionals want to see ingenuity in your admission essays. They want you to show them that you are authentic and possess high-level thinking.

Read admission essays that were a success

Reading what other people have done gives you an idea of how to go about your own admission essay.  Admission essays by other people will also show you that they are not a display of literary prowess but rather their personal stories. Find something that interests you and write about it for an hour. Since it is something that you like words flow easily thus it is unlikely that you will take more than an hour. Ask a different party to take a look at your work. Afterward, put it away for a couple of days before coming back to it. Do not do that more than once; rereading the same article can drain your enthusiasm.

Be yourself

The most important thing when writing admission essays is never the topic. The most crucial thing is how you frame your discussion and the descriptions you provide.  The purpose of admission essays is to reveal your perception of the world and how your mind works. Therefore, do not talk about experiences that you have never had. Otherwise, you will have a hard time describing your insights about those experiences thus making your admission essay stilted.


Last and not least, do not forget aspects of good writing

Communicate clearly and effectively when writing your admission essays. Remember that brevity is crucial. Use expressive language when writing admission essays. Ensure cohesion in your writing. Remember you are not producing a resume. Focus on the subjects that you have chosen. Avoid taking on too many items. Doing that allows the reader to learn specific aspects of your personality. Finish your admission essay by proofreading it to fish out grammatical mistakes and to identify areas of correction.

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