Application Essay

Any college applicant will swear that nothing is more unnerving than the thought of a college application essay. Students are always scratching their heads trying to figure out how to write persuasive application essays that will count in their favor. Whether it’s the usual traditional questions asked by most universities or the unusual application essay questions synonymous with the University of Chicago (for example, ‘what would you do with a foot-and-a-half tall jar of mustard?’), application essay writing is distasteful to college applicants.

Writing an application essay that beats the odds

How do you ensure that you do not sell yourself short?

Well, do not worry, The Grade Miners has the best tips that will guarantee you a winning application essay. We have gathered advice from different professionals who at one time served as admission officials.

Here is what they said:

Write your application essay concisely

Demonstrate your literary prowess by writing succinctly. You want to tell the admission board that you can efficiently organize your thoughts to communicate briefly and comprehensively. Brevity also shows that you are considerate of the fact that the admission officers have lots of application essays to go through thus saving their time is your priority.

Focus on yourself

Always highlight who you are as a person when writing application essays. Mentioning other elements about yourself that are not in the other parts of your application will be rewarding in the end.  There are thousands and thousands of applicants writing the application essays. Therefore, you want to stand out. Do not underestimate the importance of highlighting attributes that reveal your uniqueness.

Do not exaggerate your accomplishments

The pressure to standout is overwhelming during the college application process. However, overstating your achievements is not a good idea. Writing application essays becomes harder for students who hyperbolize your triumphs. Application essays are not like a resume where you merely state your accomplishments and activities. Admission officers want to hear the reason behind those activities. It is not the initiative itself that impresses the admission board but rather the motivation behind the action. Exaggerating your accomplishment means that you have to scratch your head harder when discussing the motivations behind the extra achievements you added. Application essays are a reflection of your personality and humanity. Admission officers want to understand the things that drive you as a person. They want to know how your motivating factors have influenced your goals and interests.

Ensure Coherency

Tackling one thing at a time is very important. Don’t be caught up in trying to provide details about everything to appear to have done so much. It is a big mistake since your application essay will sound superficial. Application essays are merely a string of snapshots of your different achievements and initiatives thus it is ineluctable that they will always be incomplete. With that in mind, why struggle so much with numerous subjects?

Ensure accuracy

You cannot afford language and grammar errors when writing application essays. Grammatical mistakes undermine your credibility as a writer. It goes without saying that reading an application essay that is full of language and grammar errors puts off the reader. Organizing your writing enhances accuracy. A good writing plan minimizes the number of mistakes you will make. Also, you reduce the need to rewrite your application essay. Creating a blueprint for your application essay gives you a rough idea of how long your paragraphs will be thus you will be able to avoid exceeding the required number of words. Waiting for the last minute to begin writing your application essay increases the chances of making errors. Creating a schedule for writing will help you avoid writing errors associated with the last minute rush. Another way of ensuring accuracy is checking your vocabulary use. Although you are required to use college-level vocabulary, avoid using such if you do not know their correct meaning or you are not sure if they will be appropriate for your sentence. Overusing advanced vocabulary will make your application essay appear exaggerated.

Ensure that you are articulate

Outstanding writers express their thoughts vividly. Using well-crafted descriptions in your application essays allow the readers to become part of the story. Being articulate enlivens the experiences you are sharing.

Be pleasant

Your application essay should give the impression that you are likable. Colleges are communities of interactions. Therefore, you want to make the reader feel like they would love to meet you. An excellent way of demonstrating a likable personality is expressing gratitude. Use your application essays as a platform for showing that you are happy about life, that you are passionate about your undertakings, and that you are mindful of how far you have come.

Avoid use of humor whenever possible

What you think is humorous to you might not be considered funny by the other person. Therefore, avoid adding humor to your application essay.

Demonstrate diversity of thinking

Take a position on the issues you decide to discuss other than being on the sidelines. Even so, remain thoughtful and balanced.  For instance, tackle controversial topics but explain your argument objectively with other perspectives in mind. Colleges are always on the lookout for different ideas so demonstrate diversity in thinking when writing application essays.

Demonstrate wit

Colleges are undoubtedly a place for intellectuals. Showing the admission officers that you are a smart person will always work in your favor. Profundity is what admission officers are looking for in application essays. You do not want to offer them anything less.

Develop your thoughts

The famous phrase, ‘show don’t tell,’ summarizes it all. Avoid stating obvious facts when explaining your ideas or activities. Telling your initiatives does not engage your reader.  Admission officers want to hear the story behind the activity not the name of the activity. Describing the process you underwent when undertaking those actions or participating in those initiatives reveals your involvement in the activities and how you were able to become so good at them. When you describe the action itself, you realize that there is no need of explaining your achievements. They automatically speak for themselves.

Ask someone else to proofread your application essay

It is unimaginable that anyone can submit an application essay without proofreading it. However, that is not enough. We are advising you to ask other people to read your application essays. Regardless of how well you are groomed, you take a look at the mirror before leaving the house for an important event. Similarly, seek the opinion of other people after completing your application essays. Being blind to our own mistakes is very natural. When we bring others into the picture, they can pinpoint obvious mistakes that were staring at us the whole time. Nevertheless, you do not want too many people to go through your work as too many cooks spoil the broth. Therefore, only choose people who are knowledgeable about application essays.

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