Writing Annotated Bibliographies

The Need for an Annotated Bibliography

At any time as a student, your instructor or professor will require you to do an assignment or a dissertation in which you expect to earn a lot of marks. Great scores are associated with great work and we at The Grade Miners will ensure to make your written assignments unique by making sure you use annotated bibliographies instead of regular bibliographies. An annotated bibliography does not only make your work more professional, but also attractive.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Annotated bibliographies are types of literature that contain lists of sources in the form of books, articles, or documents cited within a piece of academic work. Each citation is followed by a brief description that assesses the source and its usefulness in meeting the requirements of the concerned assignment. The brief assessment is in the form of an argumentative paragraph. The goal of an annotated bibliography is to inform its audience about the significance, correctness, and value of all the cited sources. Hence, students must be cautious to look at the worth of their sources and assess how valid each source is concerning the assignment topic. When formulating annotated bibliographies, their intended purpose, format, writing styles to be applied, and kinds of examples to be used within your assignment must be considered. A succinct annotated bibliography will summarize the core subject and all ideas covered in a given source

Framework for formulating Annotated Bibliographies

Creating an annotated bibliography requires several skills more so sound academic material research, concrete analysis, and precise explanation, which we at The Grade Miners are well endowed with. First, all books, documents, articles, and periodicals that may contain required information and guidelines on a given research topic are located. Afterward, the specific items are analyzed and reviewed upon which sources that give comprehensive approaches to the chosen topic are selected and sufficient summaries of their contents created. Summary making can be done through note taking and examination of all important features of all the sources. Despite being summaries, they should be easy to understand since comprehension is key in creating annotated bibliographies. The next step in crafting annotated bibliographies entails correct citation of selected books, websites, documents, articles or videos using chosen styles. It is this list of references that will be applied when supporting arguments. Annotated bibliography citation styles customarily follow any citation style preferred by your instructor or professor. The most applicable citation styles include the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA). Even so, other styles such as Chicago/Turabian, Council of Science Editors, or the Associated Press (AP) may be employed depending on the requirements of a given assignment. The citation format is essential and requires a student to be sure about it when making annotated bibliographies. Traditionally, a citation format will first indicate the author’s first name followed by the source’s full title. Next comes the date when the newest version of the source was published. The date can be sourced easily from the internet. To enhance order in annotated bibliographies, all cited references are arranged in a specific order; by sub-topic, by time (chronologically), by language, or alphabetically, which is the most commonly used order.

When making arguments as required in annotated bibliographies, a couple of sentences that amount in paragraphs are used. Paragraphs also make work easier to read and helps the student to choose sources that can be expounded on. This is the distinguishing feature between an annotated bibliography and an abstract where an abstract gives a general summary while an annotated bibliography focuses on specific aspects on which it gives detailed information. For this case, it is important to make an annotated bibliography out of every source used in an assignment. All annotated bibliographies must provide information about authors. The authors’ professional exposure, educational qualifications, and critical reviews add up in qualifying sources as useful or not, hence their roles in annotated bibliographies. Besides, in your annotated bibliography assignments, The Grade Miners will assess the author’s rational views and ideologies to make rational and fruitful arguments.

The next step in the annotated bibliography writing process involves the determination of core arguments and information in a source. Moreover, an outline of key topics discussed in a source is made. The essence of the outline is to make work more approachable and readable for all audiences. Afterwards, a critical evaluation of selected sources is done. From the evaluation, readers will be able to know if the information contained in the annotated bibliography is prejudiced or impartial. Besides, by employing the time aspect, it will be easier to tell if the information is obsolete or up to date. Under the subheading “bibliographically included”, the writer will indicate if a specific source has a glossary, directory or bibliography. When framing your annotated bibliographies, The Grade Miners will ensure to use test or survey tools to indicate if contents are bibliographically included. In addition to that, the planned audience will be stated and evaluated based on the article. This helps in connecting the audience with the importance of specific sources used in an annotated bibliography. Also, a brief comparison between the current source and other sources within annotated bibliographies must be created to give differences and similarities. Finally, this part of an annotated bibliography ought to explain how specific references respond to the topic.

Composing your Annotated Bibliography

After conducting the source and audience evaluation process, sources are combined to make the required annotated bibliographies. The annotated bibliography sources are used as points to construct an enriched piece of work. Assuming all the above details are closely adhered to, an annotated bibliography makes the student an excellent researcher. All the steps from identifying sources, taking time to read them, identifying key arguments, and finally combining them as per the assignment topic will be uniquely tailored by The Grade Miners showcases the skills of academic research that are vital in making excellent assignments. Moreover, an annotated bibliography helps the student to create a useful memory of major points on a topic, hence reducing the need to go back into the original sources for referencing.