Understanding Article Critique

Every time a student sits down to complete an assignment, they always have a deep-seated belief that whatever they are writing is nothing short of the best. What they forget is that in most cases is that there is someone out there that holds a different perspective from theirs and who may know more in the same field. Even though the student takes a significant amount of time doing the research and all the hard work to come up with a convincing article for the readers to look forward to, there are always other parties with a different kind of interest in the paper, the critiques. Article critique is a crucial part of writing as it helps you to understand an article well and helps you develop skills that are important when compiling your own papers.

Article critique involves not only criticizing an author’s ideas but also identifying, evaluating, and responding to the author’s ideas, both positively and negatively. In most cases, article critique is applied to the academic setting, where articles which tend to have many sources of information with different authors and different schools of thought. At The Grade Miners, we give the best services, offering article critiques for creative works, research, and media as well. With our writers, you are assured of quality work to give you success.

The process of criticizing an article involves reading it critically and actively responding to the author by asking questions surrounding the background, purpose, use of evidence, methodology, and balance of the article. Before writing an article critique one needs to know and follow the below steps:

Identification of the main points of the article

This is the part where you identify the background and purpose of the article. This deepens your understanding of the subject matter. It is where you will understand what the articles main argument is and what it’s trying to communicate


Once you have identified what the author is trying to communicate, you should now evaluate how convincing the author is. The author needs to convince you as a reader that whatever they have written is true, based on various parameters. There should not be a doubt in your mind about the subject matter.

Sometimes, authors assume the most important and crucial points in an article and thus, giving the critique an opportunity for a great comeback on the factors assumed. This is how you begin to create your argument when criticizing an article. Article critique, therefore, involves, filling in the gaps that the author assumed.


As an article critique, you ought to assess the article and come up with both positive and negative perspectives concerning the article. You should be able to know the points raised by the author, what he/she has ignored and everything else that will help you create a solid body of arguments. The Grade Miners helps you understand the main points and arguments of each article and thus, you will understand every critique that we provide from our services.

How to go about your Article Critique

Note: When about to write an article critique, avoid reading other critiques on the same work because it might interfere with your own opinions and thoughts. You will tend to copy paste the ideas and thoughts of the other article critiques hence making your own work irrelevant. This also beats the logic of critiquing, which is to give an analytical and complete review of the work in question. To retain your originality, therefore, avoid any other critiques. Contact The Grade Miners for a chance to learn the details of article critiques. Our dedicated writers will work to ensure that all your needs are met according to instruction.


This is the first part of an article critique. Here you mention the work under review, its author and the time it was created. You also outline the article’s main argument in this part of the critique. As you continue with this description, ensure that you contextualize the work. Talk about its political or social context and its place in literature or academic tradition. Conclude your paragraph by writing a sentence that indicates exactly how you intend to evaluate the work. This can be a mixed evaluation or a positive or negative evaluation. This should take up about 10% of your work.

Summary and Evaluation

The summary should contain the main points of the article in brief and objectively. The summary should be short and not the main focus of your article critique. The main part of the critique is the critical evaluation. Here, the writer gives a detailed and systematic assessment of the work. This does not, however, mean that you simply highlight the negatives. Deconstructing another author’s work is not the purpose. You should instead work to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of the work, keeping in mind its purpose.

writing an amazing article critique

To help you do a good article review, you should consider whether the work is objective or subjective, its aims and whether they were achieved, the techniques used by the author and how they fit with the purpose and the assumptions that underlie the presentations of the paper. Additionally, talk about the pieces of evidence used and if the interpretations are fair. Review the work’s structure and finally, you can talk about the work and how it aids in understanding of key concepts of theory.  Write your evaluation logically and present it in a formal academic style. It can help to begin with broader concepts as you narrow down to the technical elements of the works. The Grade Miners helps to write your article critiques so you do not have to do the heavy work.


The conclusion should contain a statement that states your evaluation of the work. In summary, identify the key points developed in your evaluation and state why you came to that evaluation. Give feedback on what could be changed in the article in the form of recommendations where appropriate. At The Grade Miners we ensure that our article critiques are developed systematically, with the understanding that as a student, you only need the best.  We help to provide a wholesome picture of the article critique that you need to ace your test.