Writing a Dissertation Abstract

A dissertation abstract is a vital component of your dissertation that is usually presented in the introduction part of your thesis. This is the first substantive description of your paper that will be read by the external examiner. For this reason, you must take the dissertation abstract as a chance to demonstrate that you can set accurate anticipations. It acts as a summary of the entire dissertation that tends to present some of the key elements of your paper in a condensed form.

There are numerous things to consider while composing a dissertation abstract.  A  good dissertation abstract must summarize the content of the paper briefly and comprehensively, and it should situate your research in the intellectual context. Additionally, a good dissertation abstract should inform the reader about the issues and concepts that you are interested in as it points out the essential components of the approach used in the paper and the participants involved. At The Grade Miners, we strive to provide a good abstract that serves as a guide in the writing of your paper.

We ensure that all our clients get a dissertation abstract that reports that basic findings, implications, and conclusion of the study and also mentioning all the shortcomings and any recommendation for future research. Contact The Grade Miners and get a dissertation abstract that can report instead evaluate what is entailed in your thesis as the writers ensure that it mirrors all the information found in the dissertation.

Since you have the freedom to include any content in their dissertation abstract, you need to ensure that it reflects the specific content of your thesis. This way, you will be able to provide readers seeking for research on your subject matter with the details they require and decide if your dissertation is relevant to their interest and work.

How to write a dissertation abstractWhat is a dissertation abstract?

Typically, a dissertation abstract is short, ranging between 100 and 400 words. Your institution and the department will have a specific word count that must be followed. Note that some abstracts will be made up of one paragraph while others will be divided into multiple paragraphs. The one with numerous paragraphs is known as structured abstract and it usually comprises of headings for specific paragraphs that are the resemble the headings for the main chapters of the essay.

In case your department fails to indicate a preference for the unstructured or structured dissertation abstract, your instructor and dissertation committee will give practical advice on the issue. Alternatively, they will be able to recommend the best design for your abstract that will work best for the subject matter. Bear in mind that your dissertation abstract must be densely packed with important details, but you should not include tables, figures, uncommon abbreviations, and references. However, if you must include the reference, make sure they are complete bibliographical references, and any nonstandard abbreviation must have a definition.

Developing an impressive dissertation abstract

At The Grade Miners, you will have a chance to work with highly experienced writers who will provide an abstract that is polished to perfection in content and style. We understand that an abstract is an important part of a dissertation since it serves as the first piece of prose that your audience will encounter. For this reason, our writers not only provide a concise and informative abstract, but also an abstract that is well written in clear and complete sentences that are grammatically correct and well punctuated.

Size and structure of the dissertation abstract

As mentioned above, a good dissertation abstract should be not more than 400 words. However, you can limit the word count of your dissertation abstract to the one double-spaced page of almost 280 words, since this will help you preserve the visual coherence of the paper. As a novice student, there is no need to stress over this matter since the experienced writers at The Grade Miners will help you come up with an informative abstract. Be assured that you will get an abstract that mirrors the structure and content of the entire paper and the one that represents all the major elements. For instance, if your thesis is supposed to contain five sections such as introduction, literature review, approach, outcome, and results, your abstract must contain an extra line that will summarize each section.

Postulate your research questions

Just like in the dissertation, your research questions are of paramount importance since they make your abstract to be coherent and logically organized. They provide a skeleton where other elements will adhere. Make sure the research questions are framed at the beginning of the abstract. Note that you are required to include one to three questions. In case you have over three questions in your dissertation, you need to restructure them by reducing some of them to subsidiary status.

Never overlook the results

The most usual mistake that many students tend to make is forgetting to present their results. Bear in mind that the sole purpose of the dissertation abstract is not disclosing to your audience what you achieved, but to tell them what you have discovered. Other details like a list of your research tactics are only required to support the claims you made concerning the results. The Grade Miners assist you to create a good dissertation abstract, so you do not have to do the heavy duties. The writers are trained to provide high quality works by ensuring that at least 50% of the abstract is dedicated to summarizing and interpreting the results.