Writing a Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is a critical stage of composing one’s final dissertation on any program. Your proposal must be unique since it will be used to set the stage for your research and it is supposed to help you develop a clear plan for your project. A dissertation proposal will assist you to illustrate what you intend to examine, and how you plan to do the gathering and analysis of your information. However, you do not have to plan everything at once since your subject matter might change during the research. At The Grade Miners, we ensure that students get a proposal that will help them better identify the direction of the dissertation.

The primary goal of a research proposal is to convince your audience that your projected research study is vital enough to warrant the research you want to conduct. Therefore, you need to ensure that you talk to The Grade Miners to help you write a first-class dissertation proposal. Before you start a crafting a formal dissertation, you must present a research proposal, whereby a committee of lectures must approve it.

If you need to get the best grades for your dissertation proposal, you must achieve at least 70%. Getting good grades in the dissertation proposal is of paramount help since it will help determine the success of your final research project and academics as well. Bear in mind that each college will have different criteria and anticipations when it comes to writing a dissertation proposal. At The Grade Miners, we strive to provide a high-quality custom written paper that will meet your institution’s requirements. We understand that irrespective of the criteria used, every student is required to create a perfectly researched and concise dissertation proposal so that they can get good grades.

When picking a topic for your dissertation, make sure that it applies to your area of study and is narrow enough to be completed within the required timeline. A dissertation proposal plays a vital role in helping you define and determine the completion of the work and ensure that your topic correlates with the content. Additionally, it will allow your instructor to help you as you move towards creating the perfect final dissertation. A perfect example of the best service provider when it comes to dissertation proposal and dissertation writing is The Grade Miners.

Narrow your topic down

When you start drafting your proposal, it is important to make sure that you understand the topic such that you can comfortably narrow it down to present a clear and succinct comprehension of what you intend to do and hope to achieve it. Targeting for 1000 words or even more, your proposal should provide an outline of the subject matter of your essay, a number of the questions you intend to address with your research, what kind of studies and type of research methods you aim to implement in your research.

What makes a good dissertation proposal?

Your dissertation proposal must consist of numerous key aspects, irrespective of the structure implemented. This includes the introduction, methodology, aims and objectives and limitations of the research.

  • Introduction

This part helps you to present your key research argument and provides a background on the topic and also, relates the work in your dissertation proposal contextually to any broader issues that surround it. You can visit our site at The Grade Miners to learn more about selecting a topic for your essay.

  • Dissertation methodology

This part simplifies all the resources you intend to use in your research and what type of data you will extract from it, either quantitative or qualitative. You can as well mention how you will analyze the information gathered and without forgetting, talk about any bias that might be in your selected approach. Based on the level of details required in your specific course, you can demonstrate why your selected approach to collecting information is suitable for your research than others.

  • Purposes and objectives

A good dissertation proposal must describe the aims and objectives of your research.  While drafting your proposal, make sure you point out what objectives your research intends to attain and what results you expect.

  • Literature review

This literature review allows you to list all the books and materials that you used while conducting your research. This is where you can state all the materials that provide more background on your topic, or certain research that was done previously that you can refer to in your studies. It is also a perfect place where you can demonstrate how your research connects to previous academic papers, how your approach might differ from or be developing upon those used by other researchers. Even though it is essential to provide adequate information about the material used to show that you understood them, remember to incorporate your analysis of their value to your dissertation.

  • Limitations of the research

You must incorporate some limitations of your research since numerous topics have broad links to multiple larger and more complicated issues. This will help you display your consideration and acknowledgment of these issues, and the impact they bring by converging your research on a single section of the subject.


The structure of your research proposal will be based on your specific course requirements. Some courses will specify that the purpose and objectives of your research be included in a separate part of your proposal or that you don’t have to state the approach or literature review section.

The moment you understand the parts you are required to include in your dissertation proposals, then you can start your writing process by breaking down the proposal into separate headings and handle each piece separately. Additionally, you can consider incorporating a title since this will help you ensure that your topic is narrow enough and also assist you to keep your content focused on the topic. A dissertation proposal is a critical academic document that allows students to reconnoiter several proposal topics of interest. They can later advance these topics into projects or studies that combine the skills, theory, and knowledge they have grasped while learning. The Grade Miners are ready to help you write the best dissertation proposal so that you will impress your instructor.

A guide to writing a dissertation proposal