A Guide to Writing a Dissertation

Once you reach the stage of writing a dissertation, you are almost at the edge of the most important phase of your education. A dissertation aims to demonstrate your expertise and aptitude to research your preferred discipline. For this reason, you need to have the required skills so that you can write a good dissertation to impress your tutor and help you attain good grades.

The Grade Miners helps you understand the main components and structure of a dissertation, and thus, you will understand how as a student, you can benefit from our custom writing services. A good dissertation must present the outcome of your research as a unique piece of writing that will give value to the academic and scientific community. A dissertation is a final project that every learner is required to present before graduating from their majors. It provides the final result of independent work and research for the undergraduate program.

Many learners will begin with unmatched enthusiasm, but this nerve-wrecking task tends to cause a majority of them to despair. This is where the services of a reliable dissertation writing company such as The Grade Miners comes in handy. The procedure of planning, researching and composing the paper will be the longest and most complex challenge that any student can encounter, and we can help with that.

Common problems students encounter while writing a dissertation

  • Procrastination: Many students think they have sufficient time to do the project and they keep postponing the starting time. However, this is a huge mistake since these learners usually experience frantic stress when the deadline approaches.
  • Most of them lack research skills: Learners with inadequate experience in academic writing have a notion that they just need to gather a couple of relevant resources and extract relevant quotes from them. Nevertheless, this is far from the truth, since you must analyze the source materials and discuss them in your essay. For those students who do not have the required skills, you can talk to us at The Grade Miners, and we will have your dissertation prepared with the required time frame.
  • Lack of the required writing skills: Bear in mind that a dissertation paper must follow all the rules of academic writing. Students are required to write the paper in suitable form, style, and language as they ensure that they implement the precise citation guidelines.

Even though the task appears devastating, the most important thing is starting from scratch and complete every phase step by step. Here is a guide to help you.

How to create an attention-grabbing dissertation proposal

A proposal is a piece of writing that tries to persuade the dissertation committee members or instructor that you are ready to commit to valuable, fascinating and complex questions. The paper tends to be shorter than the final dissertation, but it is essential as well since this is where you will come up with significant questions and set up a plan for collecting data and writing the paper.

  • Conduct an effective research

This is an important phase in your dissertation writing process since it will determine the overall development of your project. For this reason, it must be methodical and effective. Here is something to help you with this process:

Set a timeline for the research phase. Make sure you gather adequate resources to help you understand the phenomena that you are focusing on. Most students believe that they must read everything that they found in the research materials. However, this may be time-wasting. You should create a timeline and stay committed to it. The research stage aims to demonstrate that you have read the subject matter and you understand the erstwhile research that has been conducted. It also shows that you understood the limitations as well. At The Grade Miners, we offer the best services, providing dissertations for any discipline.

  • Look for sources at the right place

The Internet is one of the perfect starting places when conducting your research. Nevertheless, you must realize that not all the information you get on the internet is true. For this reason, you must double check the data you come across and ensure it comes from reliable sources. Additionally, librarians come in handy during this phase of project development, hence, never should you abandon the actual library since the service providers can give you some interesting publication.  You can contact The Grade Miners for an opportunity to learn how to conduct effective research.

A guide to writing a good dissertationWriting a captivating dissertation

This is the most significant part of the dissertation writing procedure whereby you are required to compose the actual project that will be the ultimate product of all your efforts.

  • Create a working outline

Even though you already have a dissertation proposal that serves as a preliminary outline for the actual dissertation, you still need a detailed outline of the huge project. In case your research stage leads you in an expected direction, you will have a chance to include the new ideas in your outline.

A basic outline that will help you write a good dissertation should include the following:

  • Introduction

This part will consist of a background of the issue and the statement of the problem. You will be required to clarify the aim of the study and also the research question. This is where you will give a clear definition of the terms related to the project, and you will expose your assumptions and expectations of the outcome.

  • Literature review

This is where you are required to view demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter by conducting preliminary research and writing what you find out.

  • Methodology

This section of the dissertations is focused on the way you arrived at the results and the approaches used to implement the results. If you are handling a qualitative dissertation, you will be required to expose the research questions, setting, data collection, data analysis procedure, and participants. If you are writing a quantitative dissertation, your focus should be on this chapter on the research question and hypothesis, information about the population and sample. You will also need to concentrate on instrumentations, data collection, and data analysis.

  • Findings

This is another important part of the entire dissertation writing process since it displays your intellectual capacity. At this phase, you will be required to restate the research questions as you discuss the findings you collected, and explaining where they directed you to.

  • Conclusion

In the last part of the dissertation, you will summarize the study and concisely report your findings. Make sure you explain how your results will create a difference in the academic community, and incorporate a recommendation for future research.

  • Bibliography

Make sure you use the recommended citation format for your area of study and incorporate all the sources used in the writing process. At The Grade Miners, we guarantee that our dissertations are composed methodically, with the indulgence that as a student, you only need the best.