Writing a Thesis Proposal

Most students believe that a thesis proposal is the most important section of a thesis. A thesis proposal can be defined as a summary of the research work that you intend to do in your thesis or dissertation. It serves as a roadmap for both one’s academic and professional career, and for this reason, you need to make sure that you write a first-class thesis proposal. At The Grade Miners, we offer unmatched services, creating thesis proposals for any field. With our highly-skilled writers, you are guaranteed of quality work to bring you the success you desperately need.

Just like what happens when writing any other form of proposal, more careful and extensive planning will result in good grades from your thesis proposal. Once you have chosen an appropriate topic, you can start crafting your thesis proposal. While crafting the proposal can be a challenging task, you can rest easy since, at The Grade Miners, we are ready to offer the support you need. However, this guide is tailored help students and those who have been tasked to present a thesis proposal.

Purposes of a thesis proposal

The primary goal of a thesis proposal is to convince your course committee that:

  • There is a necessity for the research to be conducted, its value and significance
  • You are adding unique information to the field
  • The subject matter is feasible regarding accessibility of financing, equipment, data, and supervisors.
  • You can complete the research in the required time frame
  • Ethical issues have been pondered, and the college ethics committee has accepted research to be conducted
  • The subject matter correlates with your interest and capabilities

Is there a difference between masters and doctorate thesis proposal?

In most cases, your coordinator or supervisor must provide a detailed clarification of the school’s instructions and expectations. Even though there are some disparities between the two in terms of length and complexity of the research, the primary difference is that a Ph.D. thesis proposal must contain some new information while a Masters proposal must not. The Grade Miners assists you to comprehend the key points of composing a first-class thesis proposal.

  • Know your audience

Your thesis proposal will be as a written report and can also be presented in a seminar. Additionally, it can be presented to a postgraduate committee or to your instructor who is directly involved in your candidature, and this can be either your supervisor, co-supervisor or even your school`s graduate coordinator.

  • Your objective

A world-class thesis proposal will assist you to focus on the objectives and aims of the research, clarify its significance and the requirement, describe the approaches, envisage complications and results and plan alternatives and interventions.

  • Crafting the paper

Preparing a thesis proposal is an iterative process that needs dedication and open-mindedness. For this reason, it is understandable when students seek help from academic writing experts such as The Grade Miners. Alternatively, students are allowed to discuss their drafts with their instructors when writing a thesis proposal.

  • Uniqueness

At The Grade Miners, we give unique custom writing services, offering thesis proposals that will create a worthwhile contribution to the field since the paper will:

  • Provide proof to back up or disprove an idea, model, or theory
  • Add new information, new or advanced solution, analysis process or a new advanced research approach
  • bring a new and advanced idea, theory or model

Contact The Grade Miners for a chance to learn the details of the thesis proposal and get a free template that will allow you know how to produce excellent work. Here are the points you need to cover when writing the proposal.

  • Outlining
  • Know the structure
  • Planning the writing
  • Writing the proposal
  • Proofreading the work
  • Outlining

Your thesis proposal should begin by outlining the research materials you have used and the information you have collected. This is vital since the proposal is of great importance to you and the instructor. If you outline the sections of the thesis well, it will help you conduct the research and come up with the actual project. The only thing the instructor is interested in is the evidence in your proposal that you understand the procedure of research. Mentioning that your research will incorporate reviewing, integrating relevant literature is a critical part of the proposal.

Knowing the structure

You need to be familiar with the structure of the proposal whereby the common parts include:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Current literature/momentous prior research
  • Thesis or project statement
  • Methodology
  • Potential results
  • Limitations
  • Contributions to knowledge
  • Proposed dissertation chapters

Planning the writing process

The perfect way of putting together a well-structured thesis proposal is to plan how you will craft it before you even begin. Numerous proposals fail to get approval just because the student didn’t organize their writing. Therefore, you need to plan the flow of your paper and stick to the plan. Your plan should include an outline, prepare visuals such as charts or tables, describe the approach used, explanation of data, conclusions drawn from the information, introduction, abstract and references.

thesis proposal writing tipsThesis proposal writing process

The moment you are satisfied with the plan, you can get down to the real work. Make sure you write it in a formal style, and this is what sets it apart from other types of proposals. While you are required to write the proposal in a formal style, it is essential to make sure it is concise and straightforward such that it will maintain the academic objectivity and leverage the readability.

Therefore, you will not use both the first and second grammatical personal, and make sure you maintain this objective in all aspects of the thesis. However, you can use the first person in the thesis statement since it is a reference to you. You must seek advice from your instructor whenever you want to write a thesis statement.


A thesis proposal should be free of typos and poor readability. If you give the paper to a friend and find it hard to understand what you are trying to address, you should revise it. Tips for proofreading include:

  • Reading the proposal to yourself loudly since it will help you spot grammar errors and awkward sentence structure easily.
  • Don’t proofread the work immediately you finish writing, allow your brain to rest for you to view it objectively.
  • Request your friends who understand the material to proof it for you
  • Use at least three spellchecking software.

Bear in mind that both your academic career and professional career depends on the successful approval of this paper. Therefore, ensure that you get rid of all grammatical mistakes to have a world-class proposal.