As a student, you will, at one time have to involve yourself in essay writing exercises. Lecturers give assignments in essay writing for most courses and sometimes, there will be out of class contests or scholarships that require you to write an essay. Sometimes, an essay may be long and complex, making the task of essay writing a daunting one. It is vital that you comprehend the basics and intricacies of essay writing. At The Grade Miners, we have written this guide to help you understand the process of writing. For a perfect essay, use the essay writing tips outlined below:

  1. Before Writing

There are various steps that you have to take before starting to your essay writing.

  • Search for a topic. This step in essay writing will depend on whether you have been assigned a topic or not. As you search for a topic, it would help to think about whether your paper will be providing a general overview or it will be narrowing down to a specific concept. If, however, a topic has not been given, it is advantageous because you get the chance to be creative. Choose a topic that relates to your course and resonates with you.
  • Determine the purpose of writing the essay. At this point, you should determine whether you are writing an essay that persuades or informs your audience. This decision is important because it is after this decision that you begin to do your research. Choose wisely as this forms the basis for your writing.
  1. Conducting Research and writing the Outline

The research and outline is a vital part of writing an essay. These processes are discussed in detail below:

  • When writing an essay, it is ideal that you conduct your research so that any claims you make are founded. Additionally, you can write down any ideas and information that relates to the topic that you may know beforehand.
  • Preparing an outline for essay writing. After conducting your research, write an outline that will guide you when you start writing an essay. You can contact The Grade Miners if you are having a hard time preparing an outline. We will guide you towards perfect essay writing practices.
  1. Writing Down the Essay
  • The introduction and thesis in essay writing. After choosing an appropriate idea and outlining the main arguments. In your introduction, outline your thesis statement. The thesis statement is a central part of the introduction as it tells the whole point of the essay in brief. Ensure your introduction is interesting so that it catches the attention of the reader as he/she starts to peruse through your essay. This can be done by using a hook, also known as an attention grabber. This can be in the form of statistics, a shocking piece of information, a quote or an interesting summary. Whatever angle you choose to take in your introduction, ensure that it blends with your thesis smoothly. A strong introduction is like butter on bread, making your essay writing compact and understandable. You can look up to The Grade Miners for a chance to learn the best ways to write an essay.
  • In essay writing, the body is what gives life to the essay. The body explains all the points that were written in the outline. Each paragraph should ideally contain a new idea, and if this is not possible, there should be a smooth transition between paragraphs. A good way to do this when writing an essay is to ensure that each of them has a topic sentence followed by vivid explanations, also known as supporting statements. Back your evidence up with references if necessary. This will help bind ideas together and make the essay interesting for the reader. To have the body of your essay or any other work custom done for you, contact us at The Grade Miners today.

the art essay writingNote: With a complete body of work when doing essay writing, you may find that you need to adjust your introduction to suit your content.

  • The conclusion should be the last part you tackle when writing an essay. This part brings the topic to a close. To write a good conclusion, go through your essay and gather the critical points that made it up. Summarize all these in a few strong sentences. You do this to reinforce your thesis and to give the reader a rough idea of what was being discussed in the essay if they choose to read it from the bottom.
  1. Final Touches

After you have finished writing an essay, it is easy to think that you are done with everything. This cannot be further from the truth. It pays to look into the finer details after you conclude your essay. Ensure that you have referenced your work properly and that you have used the right format in case the assignment instructions made such specifications. Reread the essay to check that you ordered your paragraphs properly during essay writing. Make sure they are coherent and that they flow smoothly. Also, check your spelling and grammar. It may be wise to use grammar checkers such as Grammarly, but remember to scheme one more time as even these resources can create errors.

If you follow these essay writing tips, you will be able to write great essays that will earn you top scores every time. Should you experience any hitches that make writing an essay a hard task for you, contact The Grade Miners, and we will give you a chance at redemption by doing the hard work for you.