Writing a Case Study

As part of your term assignments, you may have come across a piece of writing that asks you to investigate a certain problem, most probably a business problem and examine solutions that may be efficient for the problem. The work would then require you to propose a solution to the problem using evidence gathered. This kind of instructions may cause confusion among students, especially those who have never encountered such assignments but typically, that is what case studies are all about. As a student, you are most likely going to meet case studies in the long-term, and that is the reason why we have written a guide to help you write a perfect case study every single time.

Writing an excellent case studyTo do a good case study analysis, follow the steps below:

Preparing to write the Case Study

Before engaging in writing a final copy of the case study, you need to prepare for it by understanding key facts. You do this by:

  • Reading and examining the case. In the beginning, when a case is presented to you, you do not know what it is about. This is why it pays to read through it and take relevant notes. Note the facts and underlying problems as presented in the case studies. This gives you an idea of what is expected in the analysis.
  • Analyzing the case. As you continue reading, you will realize there are a few problems that stand out from the case study. Write approximately three to five of them down and note the causes of these problems and how they affect the organization in question.
  • Coming up with possible solutions. After knowing what the problems are, you now begin to come up with the possible solutions for these issues. Draw from your experience, course readings, class discussions and research as well.
  • Finding the best solution. In this part, you will have to recommend the best solution to your problems. You have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the approach you will choose to address the problems and support it with evidence.

If you are having problems with this part of writing a case study, The Grade Miners are ready to aid you through the murky waters so that you can write a good case study. All you have to do is make contact, and we will guide you.

Writing the case study

After doing your initial search, it is now time to write your case study. At The Grade Miners, we can come in to help you write the perfect case study for your class. An ideal case study is divided into the following parts:

  • The introduction is the part in which as a student, you write down the key issues you noticed in the case study. Make it interesting and remember to include a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a key part of the introduction in which you will summarize the analysis outcome. The thesis statement should not be too long. Ideally, it should be a maximum of two sentences as this allows you to freely express yourself with a good number of words.
  • Background of the case study. In the background, you set the scene for the case study. Provide the facts as they are and say what the most vital issues are. This is your chance to demonstrate how much research you have done as pertains to the case under study and show that you understood these problems well.
  • In this section of the case study, you shall examine the alternatives you have to solving your problems. While these may be many, you do not necessarily have to outline all of them. Choose some and leave others out depending on your word count and instructions. Explain why you choose these specific solutions over others and outline the constraints that could be faced with some alternatives. Additionally, explain which alternatives are impossible to deal with at that time. This part may be a bit complex, so make sure to take your time. You can also contact The Grade Miners, and our dedicated writers will help you explore the alternatives of your case study.
  • Proposed solution. After explaining the alternative solutions, you have to narrow down to a specific solution. In this section of the case study, look for the most realistic solution and not it down. Explain your final proposed solution and support this solution with evidence from your books, research or real life experiences. Remember at this point to note down all the references you use as they will be crucial in determining your case.
  • As a student, you should know how the proposed solution will be achieved, and this is what this section of the case study entails. Discuss strategies relevant to your case study and the proposed solution. You can also take this chance to recommend the actions you would like to be taken to resolve the problems in the case study. Outline who the stakeholders in this process should be and which actions they can take. The Grade Miners have qualified writers who can help you achieve this if you are experiencing any difficulties.
  • Outline all the references you used while composing your case study. This will give you credibility and will support the evidence you gave in your case study. Ensure that you have done your in-text citations properly too.

succeeding in case studyFinalizing the Case Study

After writing your case study, you need to take several steps to ensure that it is well written. In this step, you will read through your work to ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct and that you do not have any spelling mistakes. Ensure that your thesis statement is supported by the evidence you gave and that your work is consistent structurally and in content. Ensure that your analysis is complete and comprehensive. If anything is missing, make the necessary adjustments before you submit your work. If you still have any questions regarding case studies and how to write them, do not hesitate to contact us at The Grade Miners. We will be glad to cater to all your needs and ensure you write the perfect case study.