How to Write a Research Paper

Research comprises of defining problems, formulating scientific hypotheses,  and collecting and organizing data to come up with plausible conclusions. Research as an academic process can be complex and writing research papers can prove to be challenging for most students. A research paper is a piece of writing comprising of data that has been collected, organized, deductions made and a conclusion reached upon. Research papers are also used in identifying technical and social issues and ways in which to deal with them.

how to write a good research paper These are the key steps followed when writing a good research paper:

1. Choose a Topic for the Research Paper

For your research papers, you should choose a topic that is easy to write about and resonates with your personality and experience. Assistance from the teacher in choosing a topic for research papers is also key as it boosts your confidence, even before you start writing. Choose a topic that you understand well as this is key to writing a good research paper. Select a subject you can manage comfortably and seek guidance whenever you may need it. Steer clear of topics that are too specialized for your level. At this stage, focus on a limited aspect that will guarantee a good research paper.

2. Find Information

You can decide to search on the internet to get the general and basic information on what you are interested in so that you have a basis for your research paper. Other sources such as the library can also be used to find books that can help to acquire the right information that is helpful in research papers. As you gather information remember to give record bibliographical information (author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, page numbers, URLs, creation or modification dates on web pages, and your date of access). Check out outline resources, web-based information services or special resource materials on CDs. This is how you will be able to gather all the necessary information that you need for your research paper. Additionally, you contact The Grade Miners for more information on how to handle your research paper.

3. Write down the Introduction and Thesis Statement for the Research Paper

A thesis statement is the central point of your research paper. The thesis statement should be clear and easily identifiable in your introductory paragraph. The introduction should be interesting to the reader or teacher so that they develop an interest to review the research paper further. A thesis statement should be given out early in your research paper – in the introduction or second paragraph if your essay is long. The thesis should be an affirmation of your beliefs and also consist of arguments to support this belief. In research papers, the thesis statement should preferably be written down in one statement as this makes it easily identifiable.

4. Body and Conclusion

This is where you present arguments to support your thesis statement. Think of the arguments to support your thesis, write the ideas out in short sentences as this helps you develop your line of reasoning. This you can do, first as a draft before eventually writing the final paper.

An outline is vital in guiding you so that you know how your final research paper will look like. At The Grade Miners, we dedicate ourselves to offering you quality. As such, we can help you acquire right materials for your research paper and organize it all for you. Organize all gathered information carefully according to your outline as you begin to write your final paper. Avoid providing irrelevant information in your research paper as this does not help you gather points. Instead, stick to the facts and deductions.

Provide biographical information and properly reference your work throughout. Go to the library, get books related to your topic, scan table of contents for each book and pick out relevant information for your references. Read the context of the statement, but do not get caught up reading what does not apply to your research paper no matter how tempting it becomes. This will help you save time to write your paper. Critically analyze your research data and all related information using your sources. Also, check for accuracy and verify if the information is correct. If you still have doubts about your research papers, it may be time to contact The Grade Miners and together, we will work to get a solution.


In this part of the paper, you should give the summary of your main points and arguments and briefly explain them. This will help the reader to have an overview of your paper without having to go through the whole of it.

5. Revise your Research Paper

Read carefully checking for any content error. Arrange your ideas to follow your outline if necessary organize your outline but keep the purpose of the research paper in mind. Make sure ideas flow slowly as you polish your writing and edit grammar. Research papers should not have grammatical errors.

Note: Read the provided assignment sheet to ensure your essay meets the requirements as specified. Proofread the final paper for spelling, punctuation, missing or duplicate words. Make sure your final paper is clean tidy and attractive and if there is something not clear, you can check with our services The Grade Miners to get help where necessary. You can also use a free grammar and proofreading checker such as Grammarly to ensure your paper is coherent and sensible.

6. Formatting and Referencing the Research Paper

A good research paper adopts a citation style such as MLA, APA, or Harvard. Check the assignment sheet to see the specified style and use it for formatting and referencing. Each has a precise notation system for when direct quotes are used in- text. While quotes will help you make your point, be careful not to overdo them. Avoid cutting and pasting from other peoples argument in research papers. It is helpful to sort out bibliography from the beginning to avoid having last minute problems with references in your research papers. If you still have any questions, contact The Grade Miners for more help with your research papers.