Writing a Term Paper that will Impress Your Instructor

A term paper is an academic assignment of a reasonable word count that helps readers to analyze and interpret the gathered information on a particular subject. Writing an impressive term paper can be a stressful and troublesome process for the majority of scholars. At the end of every semester, students are required to craft their term papers on a research topic that is relevant to the subject covered during class work. Every student must come up with a concise text since mediocre term papers will lead to academic failure. At The Grade Miners, we strive to provide high-quality papers that will impress your instructors.

A term paper is often presented at the end of a school semester. This is one of the most critical academic assignments for students since it evaluates the learner’s knowledge about the course. For this reason, the paper must be well-written, analyzed, organized and well researched.

writing a great term paperHere are the steps you need to follow to write an impressive term paper:

Choosing the Right Topic for the Term Paper

If allowed to select a topic, make sure it is creative enough.  Try to pick a title that you are interested in since you will be able to write the paper with ease. Since the topic chosen will be too broad in its coverage, you need to hone it down to a do-able topic, as this will help you complete the work within the time and space constraints provided.  In case the topic is already given, try to explore unique angles that will drive your content and information far apart from the obvious methodology that other students will take. Whatever angle your subject matter will take, make sure it is original in approach and discerning, and that is attention-grabbing as well

You can start reading other people’s comments, ideas and entries on the subject matter since this will assist you to refine your own, especially when they mention that further research needed or when they post a challenging question and leave them unanswered. You can trust The Grade Miners to help you learn more about choosing an interesting topic for your term paper.

Research on Your Term Paper

Bear in mind that you cannot commence on the term paper writing process before conducting the research. This is because you must understand the background to the subject matter and the current thinking, as well as determine what future research is considered necessary in the field. Even though you might be tempted to reuse the information you already know, you must avoid doing it for you to get the knowledge from the research and the writing process as well. Start researching with a sense of adventure and an ingenuousness to studying new things that you intend to grab. Additionally, you need to be ready to explore new approaches to solving old problems. While doing your research, you are required to use both primary sources such as documents, legal cases, experiments and original texts. You also need to use secondary sources like interpretation from other people and explanations of primary sources. However, you can join groups of discussions with like-minded scholars and also an online discussion where you can feel comfortable doing this. Note that the discussions are meant for idea sharing to assist you to get research ideas; hence they are not quotable sources. Check out our services at The Grade Miners to get helpful resources and information.

Refining your Term Paper Thesis Statement

Once you have conducted your research, it’s time to reflect back to the selected topic. This is where you are required to determine the single and intriguing concept that you intend to talk about, your assertion that you believe that you can support your argument throughout the paper-your thesis. This helps the reader to know what they are about to learn. The thesis statement is a critical part of the paper, and this is what you will continue to support in subsequent paragraphs. Create a thesis statement that sounds interesting to you since this will streamline the backing up and make it fascinating. You can start composing the first draft the moment you are satisfied that your subject matter is sound and clarified. The Grade Miners can help you to create a good thesis statement, so you do not have to strain yourself doing the heavy work.

Create a Framework for the Term Paper

The majority of students tend to skip this step due to the limited time on their working schedule. However, having an outline is of paramount importance as it acts as a roadmap to help you to plan your term paper writing process. Additionally, having a framework will get a sense of structure and an outline to help you get back when you lose way in the middle of the paper since it serves as the skeleton of your essay.  The Grade Miners has experienced writers who will help you construct a compelling outline that has all the basic elements.

Present Your Term Paper Idea in the Introduction

While the introductory part is the most challenging area, you must learn the way to avoid making it a hurdle. Note that this is the only part of your paper that will be rewritten as you proceed to craft the paper and experience change of direction, flow, and results. For this reason, you need to consider it as a means of getting started and remind yourself that it is possible to reverse it. This methodology gives you the freedom to make mistakes and rectify it as required. You can take advantage of this opportunity to get the grips of the general format of a term paper by explaining the breakdown, something your instructor needs to know from the start.

Induce the Instructor with Body Paragraphs

Ensure that every paragraph defends your argument in a unique and new way. You can start by isolating the opening sentence of each paragraph, together and make them read like a list of evidence that intends to prove your thesis.


Make sure you conclude your paper with unmatched strength. Your conclusion must have a statement in that states your argument of the paper. This means that you need to identify the primary points developed in your argument and explain why you arrived at that argument. Give a solution to the problems explained in the argument in the form of recommendation where applicable. At The Grade Miners, we strive to create the term papers systematically, with the knowledge that all students need the best.