The uses of PowerPoint Presentations are limitless. PowerPoint presentations are a medium through which different kinds of information can be passed. This medium helps you as a student learn and share information with others. However, students may experience many issues in classwork, and it is not uncommon to hear that a student has not yet learned the art of preparing a PowerPoint presentation. At The Grade Miners, we create professional and well-done PowerPoint presentations amongst other types of custom-written papers for our clients.

Importance of PowerPoint Presentations

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation can be crucial for almost every situation. You can use a presentation for various purposes whether you are having a history presentation or even when you are trying to convince your classmate to go to the movies with you.

  • They are a vital tool through which you can communicate ideas and present topics to an audience. As a student, PowerPoint presentations will come in handy when you need to summarize basic points on a certain topic briefly.
  • Through PowerPoint presentations, you can be saved from handcrafting displays for long hours while easily relaying information. It is, therefore, important to learn the ways through which you can succeed in preparing a PowerPoint presentation that will capture your audience.
  • They relay information, but they also speak about you through the style you use. When learning how to do a PowerPoint presentation, it is important to realize that there are multiple tools that you can use, but you have to choose carefully because how your presentation looks is a reflection of your personality.

Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation

Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation involves understanding the parts of the presentation. The basic unit that helps you present your work is the slide. You present different information on a new slide or continue an idea from a previous slide. The following steps will help you when preparing your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Since PowerPoint presentations come as automatic computer programs, you will simply need to open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Click “New Presentation” or “Blank Presentation” to your right to start a new presentation.
  • New Slides. On the File tab, choose new slide as this is where you will write down your information as you continue preparing your PowerPoint presentation. The Grade Miners works with students and other clients to ensure that they make the best PowerPoint presentations.
  • Adding text. In the slide, add any relevant information that you find useful and may want as a main point in your writing. Note them down preferably in the form of bullet points. Choose a slide that will have a heading and a body to make it easier for you.
  • Adding pictures. Sometimes, you may need to add a picture when preparing your PowerPoint presentation. Pictures are important because they make your work look visually pleasing and they add meaning to your words, providing visual backups. To add a picture on your slide, find your picture, copy it and insert into the slide.
  • Slide layout. The slide layout is, simply put, the way in which information looks on the slide. This is important when preparing a PowerPoint presentation. To change the layout, simply click on Format then from the window that appears, click on slide layout and select your preferred slide layout design.
  • Slide design. Choosing a slide design when preparing a PowerPoint Presentation is not difficult. You simply select a new design by clicking on a template you prefer. There are various color schemes that you can choose from.

Note: The design you choose when preparing a PowerPoint presentation will depend largely on your assignment and its requirements and on your personality as well. You can get a preview of how any particular design will look on your document by hovering your cursor over the design to get a preview.  You can choose to do the layout and design for your slides before or after you finish preparing your PowerPoint presentation. At The Grade Miners, we strive to ensure that our clients have access to the best PowerPoint presentations they possibly can.

Tips for Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing PowerPoint Presentation.

There are three main factors to consider when preparing a PowerPoint Presentation; the tools you have, how you will do your PowerPoint presentation and your style. To creatively come up with the best presentation, follow the tips provided below:

  • Manually compose your slides. This means that as a student, you should avoid copying slide content online. By composing your slides, you will achieve consistency, and this will help your audience focus.
  • Make wise font choices. When preparing a PowerPoint Presentation, avoid the preset Cambria and Calibri fonts as they have an underwhelming effect. Use a standard font size, preferably size 14 and limit yourself to a particular color and single font face unless you are a designer who needs multiple fonts.
  • Use colors wisely. Colors are important when you have to do a PowerPoint Presentation. You should, therefore, be careful with your choice of colors. The standard is black text on a white background, but this is monotonous. This leaves you as a student with the choice of combining other colors. Be careful and ensure that they do not crush. Make use of contrast so that when you have to do the PowerPoint presentation, you let the eyes of the audience flow with the text. A good way to do this is to use color, especially when highlighting important messages.
  • The KISS- Keep It Straight and Simple Principle. This reminds you to put keywords on the slide to support your talk. You should not read directly from your slides but instead, use them as a guide. Use speaker notes if you must write down extra information. Here, you will be able to explain any concepts that need further back up fully. Your speaker notes should contain the majority of the information, not the slide.
  • Always keep the needs of your audience in mind as you set out to do a PowerPoint presentation. This will mean ensuring that there is an adequate balance of images, animations, and Those three components, as has been noted, are vital for attracting the attention of your audience. Use these colors wisely, depending on the topic and the audience, making sure to maintain a balance between professionalism and comic.

How to do a PowerPoint Presentation

After preparing your presentation, it will be time for you to go in front of your audience and do the presentation. The top secret, in this case, is to know your slides in detail. This will help you because the slides only give you talking points as you do the actual talking. Speak freely with your audience and do it with confidence. Also, ensure you do not speak too fast as this will lead your listeners to get lost and as a result, their attention may drift away. Maintain eye contact with some members of the crowd to ensure that they are following and to help maintain your confidence.

Additionally, ensure that your presentation has an opening slide that will introduce the topic and a slide that has the conclusion that reinforces your message. If it was an academic assignment, you could also add your references in the last slide. If you encounter any trouble with the preparation of your PowerPoint presentation, you can contact us at The Grade Miners to help shed more light on the same.