Research proposal writing

A research proposal is a succinct and articulate summary of a proposed research that helps to set out the primary problem or question that one aims to address. This is a critical part of the academic assignment that can be used to outline the general field of study within which your research ensues, referring to the existing state of knowledge and any recent discussion on the subject matter. Additionally, the research paper will validate the uniqueness of your proposed research.

Point to note: A research proposal is one of the essential academic documents that you are required to present as part of the application processes. It offers you a great chance to show that you have the prowess for graduate-level research, for instance, by showing that you have the aptitude to communicate complex ideas in a clear, critical, and concise manner. Additionally, the research proposal will help the relevant authorities to match your research interests with a suitable supervisor. For this reason, you need to get quality help from The Grade Miners.

What is included in the research proposal?

Bear in mind that a good research proposal must have the following information.


This is the tentative title for your intended research, and it will show what you are going to address in your research. Once you get approved for admission, you will have the capability to revise and modify your title during your research. Samples for the thesis titles of some of the current research projects can be found at The Grade Miners page.


Your research proposal must comprise a concise statement of your proposed research and must not exceed 100 words. This can be a few sentences demonstrating the problem that you intend to examine or the primary question that you want to present.

Research context

You must explain the wider background against which you will undertake your research. Additionally, you must incorporate a concise overview of the general field of study within which you are intended research will fall and summarizing the current state of knowledge and existing discussion on that specific topic. This will let you demonstrate a familiarity with the relevant field as well as the capability to communicate clearly and concisely.

Research questions

Your research proposal must point out the primary objective and questions that will act as the roadmap for your research. Before you start the writing process, you need to reflect on the primary questions that you intend to address. Given that the majority of research proposals tend to be too broad, you need to reflect on your primary research questions since you will ensure that you create a narrow and feasible project that will impress your supervisor.

Additionally, you might realize that prioritizing on either one or two main question from where you can retrieve a couple of secondary research questions is helpful. You need to come up with a successful proposal that explains your proposed methodology to respond to the questions. Make sure the methodology you use it’s empirical, doctrinal and theoretical.

Research approaches

Your research proposal must outline the research method used, as it explains how you are going to undertake your research. Your research methods can comprise visiting some specific libraries or achieves, conducting interview or fieldwork.

The majority of research methods are library based, and if you went ahead and used this approach, you will be required to explain where your primary sources such as law reports, journal articles are situated. If you want to conduct fieldwork or gather empirical data, you must be able to offer significant information about the same such as if you schedule interviews and the people you intend to interview. You also need to mention how many interviews you plan to conduct and if there will be any problems if access. Additionally, this section must explain how you plan to analyze your research results.  However, you can contact The Grade Miners for advice whenever you feel stuck since we work with skilled writers who are ready to help.

The significance of the research

A good research proposal must prove the originality of your paper, and you need to elaborate why you believe that the research is important. This is archived through clarifying how it builds on and contributes to the existing state of knowledge in the field of study or by giving the reasons why it is the right time to research your proposed topic.


It is evident that you don’t have the findings at the proposal stage yet. Nevertheless, you must provide a rough idea of what sort of information that you intend to collect, and what statistical process will be used for you to arrive at your research question.


You need to convince your reader about the potential impact of your proposed research, and you must display confidence and enthusiasm without exaggerating the merits of your proposal. For this reason, you must also talk about the limitation and weakness of the proposed research. This might be justified by the time and financial constraints and also the early development phase of your research area. The Grade Miners will assist you to compose your research proposal so you will not have to go through that daunting experience.

Bibliography and references

Once you complete writing your research proposal, remember to incorporate a short bibliography that will help readers identify the most relevant works of your subject matter. Additionally, the reference will offer the reader with an interesting sense of your grasp on the literature and the contributions you can provide. Make sure that you reference all the texts and resources that you believe will play a vital role in your analysis. Bear in mind that this is not just a bibliography listing and therefore it must show the critical reflection in the assortment of suitable texts. At The Grade Miners, we guarantee that your research paper will be created as per the standards and instructions provided by your institution. This is because we work with a team of professional writers who understand that as a scholar, all you need is the best.