The Grade Miners provides you with comprehensive academic-related writing services. We target all academic levels, ranging from College, all the way to Ph.D. studies.

Each academic level has a class of writers, well trained by The Grade Miners quality and hiring teams. Our expert writers will gladly take care of your academic papers. Any content related to custom writing is drafted from scratch, implying that the final paper is plagiarism-free. Besides, we emphasize on quality to ensure customer satisfaction. The Grade Miners offers some of the following custom writing services:

At times a customer may need specialized content drafted for them for purposes such as admission applications, scholarship applications, or even job applications. In such instances, The Grade Miners has a team of specialists whose work is to draft such content. One clear aspect is that this is not just any ordinary content, and as such, it requires only the best persons to take such tasks. The Grade Miners offers all customers all these services to meet university application requirements, scholarship applications, and internships/job application processes. We are proud to have played part in helping so many so many customers secure their various places and posts in their designated applications. Below are a few services under this category:

No sober student would submit crucial papers for grading while they have doubts about the quality of the papers in question. At The Grade Miners, we take the responsibility of perfecting customers’ papers by fine-tuning them in readiness for the final submission.
Our editing and proofreading services come in as complementary services. These services come in as extra packages besides the normal custom essay writing and just for a little fee. The main essence of these services is to check for errors present in papers awaiting submission that could cost one precious marks after grading.
Our editors check the papers for grammatical errors, wrong formatting and referencing, alignment of figures and tables as well as the entire written content. One major service under this category is plagiarism scanning. We use specialized plagiarism checkers to scan the papers for any unoriginal content. Should there be any unoriginal content, we edit it and make sure that such content is appropriately referenced.
In brief, the services are as follows:
Formatting in accordance with styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and the rest.
Scanning for plagiarism