Writing Shakespeare Essays

If you have ever been to an English classroom, then you are no stranger to Shakespeare. Shakespeare made history in literature and today; he remains one of the most studied authors of all time all over the world. Though he wrote over four centuries ago, his works continue to be the focus in many schools as students continue to study his plays that resonate with many today. This author has made tremendous contributions to various literature fields including comedy and history. His characters have remained alive, being the subjects of literature in many classes worldwide. But what exactly does it take to write a good Shakespeare essay? Read below as we help you explore and understand how to write Shakespeare essays.

Photo of William Shakespeare, author of many English literature pieces used in today’s classrooms

Note: Before you begin writing your Shakespeare essays, ensure that you are well-equipped with the right information because this kind of writing can be challenging. You may find it particularly difficult to interpret context and understand the language used in Shakespeare’s books. You can find help with your Shakespeare essays from The Grade Miners. Our highly professional writers will not hesitate to help you understand various aspects of the essay.

Steps to take when writing a Shakespeare Essay

  • This is a vital step in the process of writing a Shakespeare essay. An essay in this field mostly focuses on one of the author’s plays and this would require you to understand whichever work it is. In this case, ensure you read the play and understand any words that seem unfamiliar to you. It would be helpful if you could attend a live theatre performance, especially if the essay needs insight into the theatrical aspects of the play.

Understanding the background of the work you need to write about is paramount. Consider the time settings by reading of synopses. A good synopsis should cover the play act by actor better still, scene by scene. This kind of synopsis will help you understand the details of the work though you may still face the challenges of language. Understand how Shakespeare approached his works and the characteristics of these works. His plays had several plots, which may make it complicated for the modern day reader and had many characters at different parties, but all central to his themes and storyline.  As such, it would be helpful to take notes of the characters and events you feel are pivotal to the plot.

  • The introduction of your Shakespeare essay should contain a thesis as this is what you intend to use throughout your argument. The thesis in a Shakespeare essay like any other provides the basis for the arguments you will put forward in the subsequent paragraphs as you continue to write your essay. Each paragraph should present an argument that supports your thesis statement and has points to prove it.
  • Body. The body of the Shakespeare essay is where the writer puts forward their arguments. Your argument can be based on any aspect of the play. What must stand out from your arguments, however, is the relationship between the play and the argument. This can be a difficult feat to achieve because the plays of Shakespeare can be complex, especially for a new reader. To ensure that your argument holds water, argue your points in a way that makes it difficult for someone to pin you down using another scene or part of the essay. At The Grade Miners, we can help you develop your arguments when writing this Shakespeare essay.

When making your argument, ensure you remain historically relevant. For instance, attributing Hamlet as an allegory of the French Revolution is utterly inaccurate. This is a mistake that can rarely be made by any student of literature. However, it may be quite easy to place contemporary values and assumptions into your works while some of the ideas we embrace today would have seemed very much out of place at the time Shakespeare wrote, Historical relevance is, therefore, key. It is, however, possible to argue that Shakespeare’s works still apply in the world today if a good argument can be made.

Additionally, your arguments should be presented logically. It is crucial that your ideas should flow logically as your sentences progress. If your arguments are inductive, use evidence from the play to prove your points. If your arguments are deductive, the premises should be clear and sound. To learn more about the details of logic, you can read writing manuals that elaborate on the topic or contact The Grade Miners where you will meet willing writers to take you through the process of writing Shakespeare Essays.

Formulating Arguments in Shakespeare Essays

  • Formulating arguments for Shakespeare essays can be a daunting task. As a student of literature, you should aim at critical thinking about the piece rather than just perceiving it at face value. To have a good argument body, your thesis must have been arguable. This means the thesis should not just state facts or be a black or white position statement. The thesis should also be provable within the length of the assignment, and therefore, it should not be too narrow or even broad. At The Grade Miners, we make the process of thesis development and argument easier for you, offering nothing short of the best quality.
  • The arguments should be proven by evidence from the play you are studying. The supporting points must be clear and to the point. You can have several direct quotations from the play under study. Be careful not to quote long passages as these take up space. This quotes should be cited and referenced as appropriate. This is done by putting into parenthesis the act, scene, and number of the line.
  • Conclusion. Just like in any other form of writing, a conclusion is important in Shakespeare essays. Your conclusion should draw mainly from the context of your work. You should incorporate meanings and contexts as they were meant to be in the 16th-century Elizabethan era in which Shakespeare’s writings were based. The conclusion should also express your ultimate thoughts on the question asked and bring together all the arguments you made in the body. Contact The Grade Miners for all your writing needs today as we have skill sets that will match your writing needs.