The day to day life of a student involves doing assignments from different professors. Each professor has different ideas that need to be included when writing their assignments. The statement that presents the main idea of the assignment is called thesis statement. Thesis statement writing should be a way to present the topic of the paper and also make a comment about your position on the topic. At The Grade Miners, we put thesis statement writing as our priority to ensure that it tells the reader what the paper is arguing. Writing a thesis statement also helps guide your writing and keep your argument focused.

Tips on thesis statement writing

Thesis statement writing needs one to have a clear idea on what topic they want to write about and what it entails. At The Grade Miners, we have come up with some useful tips for you to use when writing a thesis statement.

  • Direction. A strong thesis statement gives a specific direction to the paper, limiting what you need to write. This helps the readers to know what you as a student will be discussing throughout the paper. The paragraphs in the essay should support, explain or argue with your thesis statement.
  • Proof. For a thesis statement to be strong and interesting to the reader, it will need proof. Proof is not only a statement of facts but arguments with well detailed supporting evidence that will interest the reader and make them motivated to read more.
  • Supporting points. In thesis statement writing, it is always useful to have supporting information. Supporting statements make it easy for the reader to connect ideas in work. In the body of your work, you can also write each paragraph as an idea with its supporting statements. This helps you maintain control of your work throughout the writing process.

Note: Always put your thesis statement at the end of the introduction. This will lead to the body of the work as opposed to when you start with the thesis statement. Starting your introduction with writing a thesis statement will lead you to dive directly into the topic. When you dive directly into the topic, you may end up confusing the reader as he/she may have forgotten the thesis statement.

Formulating your thesis statement

· Where is your thesis statement?

To give the readers a sense of direction you need to introduce the thesis statement early, in the introductory paragraph. In case the essay is long, introduce it in the second paragraph. To help when writing a thesis statement, avoid vague words and be specific about what you mean. Avoid burying a great thesis statement in the middle of the paragraph or late in the paper.

· Is the thesis statement specific?

At The Grade Miners, we understand that writing a thesis statement can be challenging. Your thesis evolves and gains sense as you begin to make your arguments in the body. Make sure your statements do not imply a fuzzy, unfocused thesis. In case this happens just focus on one single idea and fix the thesis statement before making any further developments.

· Is the thesis statement too general?

Your thesis statement should be limited to what can be accomplished in a specific number of pages. Have your paragraphs arranged in a manner that can help you prove your thesis. Being specific in the paper will help prove what you did in the thesis statement writing part as opposed to making general arguments.

· Is your thesis statement clear?

Your thesis statement is no different to your writing, and in this case, it needs to be as clear as possible. By being clear in your thesis statement, it makes it easy for the reader to understand exactly what you mean. To be clear, avoid technical reporting, which should be done only when dealing with a technical paper. Also, avoid vague words and abstract words such as society.

Never assume that the meaning of a sentence is obvious to the readers, always check in case you need more information to seal your explanation. To avoid all this confusion, we at The Grade Miners suggest that you contact us to help you with writing a thesis statement.

·Is your position on the thesis included?

A thesis statement should do more than just announce the topic. It must also reveal what your position is in regards to that topic, and how you plan to evaluate issue or the subject. Instead of just stating a general factor a statement you must decide what it is you have to say. It is advisable to avoid merely announcing the topic; your specifics and original thoughts should be clear. In this way, you inform the reader why you chose the topic to address. Avoid simply stating the matter and argue it coherently throughout your paper to ensure that you have justified your thesis statement.